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all about me
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Firstly I want to introduce ...
        Cowboy cat!
Cowboy cat is a cute and cuddly,tough and strong, funny and friendly little cat. And beleive it or not he flew hear from America !!!!  

I bet your wondering how he got here?
Well, my mum visited America and was looking to buy a pair of real cowboy boots, after looking in many shops she found a pair of dazzling boots, in her size, in the window of an old, quite small shop.
Walking in, she spotted something that you would never expect to see in a cowboy boots shop, there on the very high shelf, in the corner, was a very handsome, long haired, bright ginger cat, stairing back at her.
 My mum forgot all about her cowboy boots for a moment and walked over to the shelf where the ginger cat was laying, in a sweet whisper, he said ' meow have you come to take me home with you? ' my mum was so surprised to hear him talk to her and ofcourse, being an animal lover, she said ' yes i have come to take you home dear cat '.
' wahoo, yipee, meow ' wailed the cowboy cat, jumping and spinning on the long rather wobbly shelf.
my mum walked up to the counter in the shop and asked if she could have the ginger cowboy cat to take home to England, aswell as buying the boots that she had admired in the shop window, ' yes, you sure can ma'am ' said the lady in the shop, after leaving, mum took out  cowboy  cat from the box he was laying in and cuddled him, she knew that he was part of her family now and would make the long trip, back home to England, on the plane, to start a new life and a big adventure too......... 
Once home,cowboy  cat enjoyed a comfortable life, sleeping on the bed, running around the garden and tasting all kinds of lovely foods, he was very happy in his new home.
When i was born, i never met cowboy cat, until one day, my dad decided to chase me around the lounge with him, cowboy cat wasnt too interested in playing but my dad was, it did scare me a little because cowboy cat was about the same size as me!
Soon my mum decided to take cowboy cat home with us, dad was only having him for a while, as he liked him so much, so off we went in my mum s car, i was still not sure about the rather large ginger cat sitting next to me on our journey home but was willing to give him a chance.
As time went on, i got used to cuddling cowboy cat and taking him out every time we went shopping or to my auntie's house, i think he liked it too.


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